I’m a business consultant, a coach for entrepreneurs, a fixer of businesses so to speak, but that hasn’t always been that way. I’m Tobias Wilhelm and since this page is called ‘About Me’ - here is a short version of my story.

I grew up in Germany, started programming when I was about 7 and was always curious about everything. My dad died when I was 13 - my mom was busy with my two younger siblings, leaving me with a lot of freedom. I learned all about the personal computer and how to build them from components and by age 15 I sold enough computers and helped people trouble shoot their DOS and early Windows machines to have plenty of spending money. I also had my first side hustle, helping the neighbors chaptalize their wine (calculating how much sugar to add to their grape must to doctor their wine, I’m pretty sure it’s frowned upon - a wine connoisseur might actually be horrified).

At 16 I started my journey of official entrepreneurship - I got myself a business license since I looked old enough much to the chagrin of my mom who had to sign a permission form a few days later. At first I was selling computers, then writing custom POS software, ended up in the US, building web sites, running an ad agency with some political consulting, did social media for clients, all the way to business coaching and consulting today. Along the way I started dating a cake decorator, learned how to decorate cakes, assisted on two cake tv shows and that cake decorator now owns a restaurant. We also started revitalizing our downtown with the Downtown Alexandria Revitalization Effort and came up with a festival that brought 29,000 visitors to that downtown over three days the first time we did it. For a city of 50,000 this was a first since World War II. Google it - AlexWinterFete.

Having said all that I think entrepreneurship is important, especially for the next generation. I don’t know much about sports, but I know the odds of being a professional athlete are worse than making a living as an entrepreneur. I think everyone has a marketable skill, something they are good at, a story to tell. I like the challenge of business and solving problems other people couldn’t. I like seeing people succeed. I like writing my own story - I’m Tobias Wilhelm and I love my business.